What Does the Bible Say About Giving to the Church?

Do you give tithes and offerings in church? Whether you grew up in a Christian family or not, you must have witnessed this while in school. In the recent past, there have been complaints that politicians and prominent people are invading the church or in the name of giving. They have made it appear as churches care about cash alone. 

While there are some situations where church funds are abused, it is important to know the reason why you are giving. Is it for a good cause and to look good people the sons of men? Apart from that, it is also crucial that you are aware of what the Bible says about giving to the church. Money is very sensitive and everyone should be careful when giving out. In this article, you will learn about the Bible teachings on giving to the church.

Blessed is the hand that gives

According to the Bible, Acts 20:35, we get more blessings in giving than in receiving. God wants you to give since you will receive more blessings when you give your tithes generously to and to the people near you. So, this is a principle from above.

While this is so, some people have misinterpreted this verse. They have done so by thinking that those who give out lots of cash are the ones who receive blesses.  According to the Bible, the blessings come from your giving act and not how much you give. God blesses his people beyond their giving.


If you join a Christian conversation today, it will not end without the tithing discussion. While not everyone is for the idea of tithing, this is a beneficial cause. It is a process that helps us to be accountable to our master who is God. The commonly used verse to encourage people to give tithes is Malachi 3:9-10. Although this is a great verse, it can cause anxiety and pain if misinterpreted.

God is a great giver

According to 2 Corinthians 9:10, God supplies to every our every need. He is the best giver and gives us all we have. Without him supplying our needs, we are useless. We are like the seeds that give a huge harvest beyond expectations. Giving generously means we should expect more from the giver of all. Additionally, by giving emulate the master of all givers. He gives without letting the other hand know he has given out something.


Giving to the church means you want to be part of the good work that the Lord is doing to His people. It is a way of worshiping God and a sacrifice. God does not only need you to give tithes in terms of cash and go out live an immoral life. He needs us to give ourselves to him as a sacrifice. It means that we should give ourselves to doing his work as an offering – read article on is tithing tax deductible.


The topic of giving to the church is wide. While some insist on giving a percentage, God needs you as an offering for His work to the world.